Successful growth

Together with our support, Runecast has gained trust of another strong investors and the company is growing globally.


We invest in the best people and teams. An example is our investment in Q2 Pharma company that is associated with Nobel Prize laureate Ada Yonath.

Active engagement

We are not only investors, we are also entrepreneurs. We become partners and help create real businesses.

Securitization of investments

We diversify and wisely invest in companies and sectors that we understand.

Core competencies

At Opifer, we take full advantage of more than 20 years of experience with investing in innovative companies that we have. So far, our team members have realized more than two dozens of successful investments worth tens of millions of dollars.

We only make investments after careful consideration but then we become active partners with high added value. All our investments are subject to thorough analysis and independent expert evaluation. Being active partners means that we participate on managing the invested companies and thanks to our experience, networks of advisors and international contacts we help them grow.

Our investment strategy combines investments in innovative companies that have high growth potential with investments in real estate projects. This allows our co-investors to participate on high investment returns that innovative companies bring, be there when the world is being changed, and keep the investment risk at the minimum.

Innovative companies

Investment strategy

We focus on pre-seed and seed investments. Our tickets range from 100k EUR to 750k EUR. We become lead investors and prefer investing in companies that already got real product or even revenues.

Exit strategy

From the very beginning, we communicate with exit or eventually follow-on investors from around the world. In these cases, we work with an investment horizon of 4-7 years.

Real estate projects

Investment strategy

We invest in projects that require extensive management efforts but then bring superior returns. We always collaborate with the best property developers and other professionals in the given field.

Exit strategy

We invest with a predefined exit strategy within an investment horizon of up to 5 years.

Current portfolio